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By using noncommercial version you can evaluate all capabilities of GIS ObjectLand.

GIS ObjectLand 2.7

GIS ObjectLand 2.7.9 (noncommercial version)

GIS ObjectLand 2.6

GIS ObjectLand 2.6.9 (noncommercial version)


Hotfix for version 2.6.9, includes all previous fixes.
  • Fixed fatal error on copying more than one image feature (editor in theme browser).
  • Fixed inaccuracy on positioning to GDB file in GDB open dialog.
  • Fixed positioning error for reference of external query when a reference table has no records.
  • Improved positioning over start characters for reference of external query.
  • Fixed “Argument must be a Collection” error on checking integrity.
  • Workarounded bug of Access2007 ODBC driver.
  • Fixed error on saving direct link.
  • Fixed error on caching database pages.
  • Fixed “on:do:elseDo:” error on importing image features.


GIS ObjectLand. User Manual (CHM, part of the distribution kit)
GIS ObjectLand. User Manual (HTML)
"ObjectLand COM Interfaces" (CHM, part of the distribution kit)
"ObjectLand COM Interfaces" (HTML)

For Developer

Demo samples of using ObjectLand 2.7 COM Interfaces (C#)
Demo samples of using ObjectLand COM Interfaces (VisualBasic 6)
ObjectLand Explorer (VisualBasic 6)
ObjectLand Explorer source code only (VisualBasic 6)
ObjectLand Explorer (VisualBasic .NET)
ObjectLand Explorer source code only (VisualBasic .NET)

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