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Geoinformation system ObjectLand

About numeration of ObjectLand versions

The number of ObjectLand version consists of three groups of numbers: XX.YY.ZZ.

  • Number XX is a base number of the version which changes very rarely, only in the case of fundamental modifications in the architecture or functionality of the system.

  • Number YY together with XX determines the number of GDB format (for example, 2.6). Changing of this number reflects rebuilding in the structure of storing geoinformation databases which can be used by the present version. Changing of the number should not necessarily be caused by some functional modifications in the system. After installing the version with a bigger number XX.YY than used before, it is necessary to perform update operation for those GDBs with which the user worked in the previous version. This operation may be performed using the menu command “GDB+Update” from the main ObjectLand window. Update operation converts GDB to the format suitable for the new version. Attention: Updating GDB to the format with a smaller XX.YY number is not supported! Please pay attention that 3.0 > 2.1.

  • Number ZZ is the ObjectLand build number; it changes most frequently and denotes the presence of system modifications and additions which do not affect GDB format.

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