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Noncommercial Version

The free noncommercial version can be used for evaluation purposes before purchasing or for studying in educational institutions rather than for profit.

Before use of the noncommercial version, study carefully the License Agreement.

It is not obligatory to register on our site to download the noncommercial version, but we would be grateful for registration.

To use GIS ObjectLand in educational process, you should agree with the terms and conditions of the License Agreement:

  • register first,
  • then fill the form “Academic License” (“Support” + “Settings”),
  • and turn on the check box in this form.

We will use the registration information only for purposes of analysis and we guarantee confidentiality of your personal data.

Registered users have an ability to ask the Support Team (“Support” + “Requests”). Although we do not guarantee a technical support for noncommercial user, we will take into consideration their requests as well.

The noncommercial version has neither quantitative nor functional restrictions.

The noncommercial version has the following basic difference from the commercial version:

  • Whenever you browse or print a map, the “Noncommercial” label appears in one of fragment corners as an unobtrusive reminder about noncommercial property of the used version.

“Noncommercial” label

Other differences:

  • You should accept conditions of the Noncommercial License Agreement at installation;
  • The “Noncommercial version” text is presented in the caption of the main window and in the dialog “About ObjectLand”;
  • The noncommercial version cannot share GDB already opened by ObjectLand commercial version, and vice versa.

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