Object Hierarchy

Collections of Objects

GDBEngine Object

GeoDatabase Object

Table Object

Field Object

OLEObjectHolder Object

DataLink Object

IndirectFieldsPair Object

Query Object

FieldSearchCondition Object

FieldSortCondition Object

SQLParameter Object

Recordset Object

Map Object

Layer Object

FeatureType Object

Theme Object

FilterGroup Object

FilterCondition Object

ScaleZone Object

Legend Object

LegendItem Object

FeaturesetCondition Object

Featureset Object

Feature Object

SharedLibrary Object

Library Object

Font Object

MapSymbol Object

LineStyle Object

HatchStyle Object

FillStyle Object

User Object

Session Object

CoordinatesTransformer Object

GDBCopier Object

GDBChecker Object

SharedLibraryChecker Object

GDBRepairer Object

SharedLibraryRepairer Object

FeatureTypeSewer Object

ThemePainter Object

StylePainter Object

ThemeBrowser Object

ExternalDatabase Object

ExternalDatabaseError Object

ForeignKey Object

PrimaryKey Object

SpecialField Object

TableIndex Object

Commands of Drawing Vectorial Styles

Layout Object

LayoutElement Object

LayoutTextSettings Object

LayoutRasterSettings Object

LayoutThemeSettings Object

LayoutLegendSettings Object

LayoutScaleSettings Object

LayoutChartSettings Object

LayoutChartAxis Object

LayoutChartLegend Object

LayoutChartLegendKey Object

LayoutTableSettings Object

LayoutTableRange Object

LayoutTableValueArray Object

LayoutLabelFormat Object

LayoutPainter Object

Geocoder Object

GeocoderTableJoining Object

GeocoderTableFieldPair Object