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 How to add Autocad DXF file in Object landHow to add Autocad DXF file in Object land [ Rohit k ]
Monday, 15-Sep-2008, 10:22

HI, iam trying to import DXF file in object land but the massage come is 'there are no set components'.

can some body help how to do it!


 How to add Autocad DXF file in Object land [ ObjectLand Support ]
Monday, 15-Sep-2008, 11:49

First you should create a wishful map structure in GDB (to add layers in map, feature types in layers with necessary spatial category).
Next you set a correspondence between imported DXF layers and created components. Then you perform import.


Now, you have an empty GDB.

Next you do it:

1. Add a map to the GDB.

2. Add a layer to created map (e.g. "Layer 1").

3. Add feature type(s) to layer "Layer 1"(e.g. "Type 1").
During adding feature types you should set a spatial category of feature
types corresponding features in DXF file (area, line, point, text).

4. And, in fact, importing DXF file:

4.1 Step 1 of wizard - Select DXF file for import.

4.2 Step 2 of wizard "Setting components".
Now "List of components" panel shows all layers in DXF file and "List of supcomponents" panel shows all spatial types in selected DXF layer.

You should set a correspondence between types categories in DXF
and GDB feature types.

For that:
- select any row in list (for example "Area");
- use context menu (click mouse right button on selected row
within "List of supcomponents" panel) and select "Import" menu element;
- dialog window "Setting import of feature type" will be open;
- select created layer "Layer 1" from combobox "Layer name";
- select created feature type "Type 1" from combobox "Feature type name" and click OK.

4.3. Steps 3-5 may be skipped by clicking "Next" and step 6 - click "Import".

 tutorialstutorials [ stephen Aquilina ]
Monday, 9-Feb-2009, 20:29

I just download objectland and install it bur i am finding a bit difficult to manage the programm. I am completely new to GIS as i usually use ACAD. Can you please send me some tuturials to help me start. I really appreciate

 How to add Autocad DXF file in Object landHow to add Autocad DXF file in Object land [ ObjectLand Support ]
Tuesday, 10-Feb-2009, 12:16

The ObjectLand's User Manual is fit for GIS beginners quite. It contains description of basic GIS concepts. The complete manual was installed on your computer during ObjectLand installation. Also there is its online version, see


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