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 SQL-89, 92, or 99 used by GIS Objectland?SQL-89, 92, or 99 used by GIS Objectland? [ Barry Hale ]
Monday, 6-Dec-2004, 08:49

Which ANSI SQL standard is supported by GIS Objectland, SQL-89, SQL-92, or SQL-99? I prefer SQL over "visual" query building.

My particular concern is whether Objectland queries support the "new" join syntax of SQL-92 and later (e.g. INNER JOIN ... ON).

What RDMS "engine" does Objectland use? If the internal RDMS was built from scratch, what SQL standard keywords are supported? Do you plan on publishing an SQL language reference for your system? Also, what is the limit on the length of SQL statements supported by Objectland?

I have been looking for an affordable GIS package for years and was (still am) planning to go to Linux so that I could use the GRASS GIS system.

I was very surprised to find what appears to be a high grade FREE GIS package in the Windows universe. Keep up the good work!

 SQL-89, 92, or 99 used by GIS Objectland? [ ObjectLand Development Team ]
Monday, 6-Dec-2004, 13:54

Dear Barry,

ObjectLand's internal DBMS is our original product. It stores relational tables containing objects (in the sense of object-oriented programming) - maps, layers, features, themes, layouts etc. Internal DBMS has programmatic interface only and has no SQL support.

Now ObjectLand supports external tables and queries for any DBMS having ODBC driver for storing semantic information linked with map features. For getting data from DBMS, ObjectLand generates corresponding SQL statements. ObjectLand's external tables are base tables, views, synonyms or system tables of DBMS. Queries based on external tables using a constructive method or by direct specifying the SQL statement SELECT which determines the request to get records from some external source. Queries are stored in Objectland database.

Now we are finishing up the work by storing of spatial data in external databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server-MSDE, Interbase-Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access). It will not demand any datablades for these DBMS. At the limit, all spatial and tabular data may be stored in external databases while ObjectLand will be a kind of GIS manager on these data.

ObjectLand doesn't support direct SQL requests but provides COM Interfaces that cover practically whole ObjectLand engine core and can be used in user's applications. A short time later we will place an application on the site written on VisualBasic 6 that demonstrates using COM interfaces. This application is a clone of ObjectLand GUI (without data editing) and users can use these sources as skeleton for own applications or for learning.

Thanks for interest in ObjectLand!

 SQL-89, 92, or 99 used by GIS Objectland? [ sud ]
Wednesday, 9-Feb-2005, 08:41

I want to learn sql. so please help me about it. Its code source.

 SQL-89, 92, or 99 used by GIS Objectland? [ ObjectLand Development Team ]
Wednesday, 9-Feb-2005, 11:01

Site for SQL beginners:

 CAN I USE IN WEBCAN I USE IN WEB [ Guilherme Bentes ]
Saturday, 25-Feb-2006, 12:39

1- I need know if your product could storing of spatial data in external databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access) - do you have code for those?

2- Im look up for tools that can make my own applications for use in intranet and internet.

- do you have code for those?

 CAN I USE IN WEB [ ObjectLand Development Team ]
Sunday, 26-Feb-2006, 13:01

1. Yes, we have built the version with spatial data in external databases.
Now internal testing goes. We hoped to realize this version much earlier, but unfortunately we faced with several problems and spent much time to overcome. After end of testing, this version will be available on our site.

2. We are working at a web application (ASP.NET) for publishing ObjectLand GDBs. This application has the same analytical features as ObjectLand (at first without editing).

Watch our site for announcements!


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