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 Import/Export SHPImport/Export SHP [ azli ]
Wednesday, 9-Nov-2005, 13:44

I am using an noncommercial version of objectland.

I downloaded malaysian SHP files from "The GIS Data Depot" but I haven't been able to import it into Objectland.

It seems the Import Settings File that I wrote is not the same layer name that. I discovered the layer names by loading the same SHP file into AutoCAD Map.

When I try to change "layer name" as what the wizard allows me to do, no layer name pop were in the list.

What did I do wrong? could you give me step by step method of importing SHP into an empty GDB?

Thank You

 Import/Export SHP [ ObjectLand Development Team ]
Wednesday, 9-Nov-2005, 14:49

Before importing you must create a wishful map structure in GDB (to add layers in map, feature types of layers with necessary spatial category). This structure depends only on your vision of task.

An import settings file saves import settings for repeating tasks and is not obligatory.
It is not recommended to write Import Settings File manually.
First you perform a setting of import interactively, and you may to save
these settings to this file.

Now, you have an empty GDB.

Next you do it:

1. Add a map to the GDB.

2. Add a layer to created map (e.g. "Layer 1").

3. Add feature type(s) to layer "Layer 1"(e.g. "Type 1").
During adding feature types you should set a spatial category of feature
types corresponding features in SHP file (area, line, point, text).

4. And, in fact, importing SHP file:

4.1 Step 1 of wizard - Select SHP file for import.
4.2 Step 2 of wizard "Setting components".
Now "List of types" panel shows all spatial types in SHP file(or empty if SHP file is empty).

You should set a correspondence between spatial categories in SHP
and GDB feature types.

For that:
- select any row in list (for example "Area");
- use context menu (click mouse right button on selected row
within "List of types" panel) and select "Import" menu element;
- dialog window "Setting import of feature type" will be open;
- select created layer "Layer 1" from combobox "Layer name";
- select created feature type "Type 1" from combobox "Feature type name" and click OK.

4.3. Steps 3-4 may be skipped by clicking "Next" and step 5 - click "Import".

 Import/Export SHP [ Nor Azli Ismail ]
Thursday, 10-Nov-2005, 09:40

Yep, that works.

I think my problem was I straight away went to import/export SHP portion of the help file.

That part doesn't explain nice and slow like you just did.



 Import/Export SHP [ helmi ]
Wednesday, 22-Nov-2006, 15:35

how convert gdb to shp?

 Import/Export SHP [ ObjectLand Support ]
Wednesday, 22-Nov-2006, 15:56

ObjectLand User Manual: Chapter 64. Export of spatial data in SHP format


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